About us

Yourbarfactoryis a private label food manufacturer of nut and peanut free snack products.

Since 2001, we have been specializing in peanut free rice crispy bars and offer the widest range of products in this industry. We also benefit from a solid expertise in the following categories: protein/energy bars, nutrition bars and of course, healthy snacks.

  • 70 employees with more than 20 nationalities
  • A 40000 square feet facility
  • Customers from more than 10 countries
  • A production’s capacity of 150 million bars/ year
  • 2 production lines and 5 packaging lines

Mission: Yourbarfactory has for mission to create and produce personalized snack bars for trademark holders while focussing on providing happiness for all its team members.

Vision: Yourbarfactory is proud to be the leader in the « nut and peanut free » snack manufacturing while contributing to people’s happiness and fulfillment.

Our values: PERFI is the cornerstone of our company. It is an amalgam of five values we hold very dear.

Perfection We seek perfection in everything we do.
Energy We work in an energetic manner.
Respect The basis of all our relations.
Flexibility An essential quality to perform in today’s business environment.
Innovation Our devotion to innovate is one of our strongest assets

Our strategic objectives

  • Provide a highly satisfying customer experience.
  • Cultivate our relationships with our customers and suppliers.
  • Turn feedback into a driver of change.
  • Support our workforce by giving them the finest tools to accomplish their mission.
  • Nurture our corporate culture of equality and openness.

Our aspiration

Reinvent the way snack products are made. We believe we can deliver simpler solutions for our customers by shifting the power back to them. We want to be a premium partner for brand leaders.


For over a decade, Yourbarfactory has received numerous prices including several entrepreneurship awards.We also became member of Heart & Stroke Health Check™ foundation and have received a first price for innovation.

Markets served

We operate in most major markets and have customers all over the globe. Whether you come from Bordeaux, Chicago, Mexico, or Tokyo makes no difference. Contact us!