Nut free bar guaranteed!

Yourbarfactory has given serious thought to peanut and nut allergies. We are aware of just how difficult it is for parents to respect the ever-stricter rules in effect at their child’s elementary school. That’s why we have created a healthy bar which is nut free, peanut free and risk free!*

All Yourbarfactory products are completely peanut & nut free, GUARANTEED! We are among the first North American companies to have successfully passed an audit dealing specifically with allergy management and the absence of peanuts! We scored higher than 95%!

To achieve this excellence, we have implemented a number of strict measures:

  • All ingredients coming into the plant must have peanut & nut-free guarantee certificates.
  • Employees are prohibited from entering the premises with nuts, peanuts or any food containing nuts or peanuts.
  • Weekly controls are conducted in every part of the plant including the cafeteria, the changing room and lunch boxes.

We are regularly verified by an independent auditing firm to maintain our certification. At Yourbarfactory, offering our customers peanut & nut-free products will always be the focus of our concerns.

* Yourbarfactory does use coconut. It is a fruit, but is considered a nut in the USA.