Private label

At Yourbarfactory, two solutions are at your disposal when it comes to private label bar manufacturing. We can either create a new product to your specifications or start from one of our existing formulations to get inspired and adapt it to your needs. Click here to consult our port folio of products.

No mater your choice, our private label process is very simple but rigorous. You will be able to launch your product to the market within 3 to 9 months.

Understanding of your project


This first step is important as it allows us to discuss with you and get acquainted with your goals and vision. We usually collect the information required to understand and evaluate your project.

We will ask you to provide details on the type of bar needed, the ingredients and nutritionals needed, the number of flavours, the format size of the bar as well as the potential volume. This will help us understand the entire needs for your market launch.

To help facilitate the process, we invite you to complete the form below.

Project validation


Once the project is totally understood, we will validate it among our team, will analyse its cost and review our production options. To develop the perfect formula for private label bars, we use the foolproof TTIR technique: Test, Taste, Improve, and Repeat.

We will provide you with samples and make any adjustments based on your feedback. You can rest assured we will not stop until you are completely satisfied.

Development fees

Development fees are from time to time required to support the development and formulation of a new project. These fees are based on the complexity of the project but represent only a portion of the fees that we encounter when developing a new product.

Start of production


Once the formulation is approved, we conduct a number of pre production tests. Our QA and R&D team also ensures that the nutritionals are adapted to required regulations and provide you the perfect packaging. Once everything is confirmed, we launch production and we continue to look for ways to improve on an ongoing basis.

Complementary services


Depending on your needs, we can offer you additional assistance. If you are interested in the following optional services, we will gladly assist you.


Our in-house professionals can help you determine the best materials for wrapping and stocking your product. They will help you choose the perfect packaging for your market and customers.


It all comes down to logistic efficiency. Our specialists will help you get your product to your warehouse or your customers’ distribution center as quickly and affordable as possible.

CheckMarket advice

Identifying target consumers, establishing the perfect price structure, and finding the right private label partners to distribute your goods are no easy tasks. This is why we have in-house and external resources to assist you in making the right decisions about your product. This support can help you achieve a competitive advantage.

Do not hesitate in contacting us to further discuss our process and your project!

Project summary form


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Targeted market:

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(We will use this information to identify your needs and adapt our development criterias to create the best possible product to your specifications and your budget).