Quality and certifications

Our certifications :


Other options (According to your need):

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Health Check
  • Milk free

At Yourbarfactory, quality control is our priority. Our promise is to deliver high quality products on time. We manufacture products according to the highness international quality standards (SQF- level 2 certification). Our experts control every step of the manufacturing process, from the reception of ingredients to the expedition of the finished goods. We follow very strict guidelines to meet the requirements of all our customers.

Certifications and audits

- Nut and peanut free certified

Our plant is certified nut and peanut-free and we have implemented a series of strict measures:

  • A nut and peanut free certificate for every ingredient entering the factory
  • Nuts and peanuts are strictly forbidden throughout the entire plant.
  • Our employees are duly trained on the matter, and controlled on a regular basis.
  • Regular verifications (raw materials, production areas and areas restricted to personal staff (cafeterias, lockers…))
  • Raw material and finished products’ analyses to make sure the plant doesn’t contain any trace of nuts and peanuts)

- Gluten free guarantee

In order to guarantee gluten free products, we dedicate specific days for gluten free production. Therefore, before any gluten free production, we apply a special cleaning process of all the required equipment for the production. Internal or external detection test of this allergen are performed based on client’s needs.

The factory is currently removing all ingredients containing gluten in order to be certified Gluten free in the near future.

- SQF level 2 / HACCP/ GMP& GHP

Certification means proof. It means our products and our business methods are in sync with the highest industry standards. We implement the HACCP method and we hold SQF-Level 2 accreditation which attests that we manage food safety with the needed diligence. The SQF is one of the most widely recognized quality certification programs. We also comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and Good Hygiene Practices (GHPs).

- Kosher certification

The factory is also Kosher certified (MK). The ingredients we use are inspected, and endorsed by the Kosher council as raw material. Each raw material has its own peanuts and nuts free guarantee.