Barres énergie Yourbarfactory

The FoodBusinessNews article, published a few months ago, highlights the strong growth of the bars’ market. The later grew up by 2.9% in terms of sales during the first three quarters of 2018. The trend is now to link nutritional innovation with greed, so industrials can always imagine more and more types of bars.

Customers not only want simple bars, they now want healthy and enjoyable bars. Those can be either contain protein, vitamins, made to be consumed before, during or after a physical effort, be for our kids’ lunch… Bars can fit everywhere.

This trend turns out to be global, as the bars’ market is growing in Canada, in the USA, but also in Europe, mostly in the Netherlands. To respond to the need of demanding customers, industrials have no other choice than adapt themselves to the outside world, by proposing allergen-free, vegan or sugar-free bars. They always manage to find innovative ways to replace allergens: to replace nuts and peanuts – a very common allergy in Canada – market’s actors use different seeds, like sunflower or soya.


You can read the whole article here.