Claims for your bars

What is a nutrition and health claim?

A nutrition and health claim states that a specific food has some beneficial nutritional properties based on, for example, the amount of energy or nutrients it contains.

The claims you can make on your private label bar packaging depends on the formulation of the bar and on the regulations application in the country in which the product will be sold.

Which claims are possible for your private label bars?

Our factory is certified peanut-free, nut free and gluten-free. Therefore, all the bars we manufacture DO NOT contain peanuts, nuts or gluten. Below are several of the most common claims we usually offer:

    • Vegan bars
    • High-protein bars
    • GMO-free bars
    • Soya-free bars
    • Dairy-free bars
    • Sugar-free bars
    • Organic bars
    • Kosher bars
    • High-fiber bars

    And much more.

    For your private label bar project, do not hesitate to submit your project to us, we will study together the possibilities regarding the desired claims.

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