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Your private label customized allergen-free bars

Yourbarfactory creates and manufactures customized nutrition bars (cereal bars, protein bars, energy bars, diet bars…) for private label. Yourbarfactory specializes in allergen-free bars: all our products are peanut-free, nut-free and gluten-free certified. Many other claims are also available to meet your requirements

We will assist you throughout the creation process of your new private label bars in order to fully develop the potential of your ideas and bring them to market.

To manufacture a bar that suits you, we can either create a new bar according to your specifications or draw inspiration from one of our existing formulation.

Thanks to our responsiveness and flexibility, you can launch your private label bar on the market within 4 to 9 months (according to the complexity of your project).

An international expertise

We are very knowledgeable when it comes to export and importing. We will be able to support you through the entire process:

  • We manage your project from the manufacturing of your bars to actual delivery in your warehouse
  • Our prices include freight costs and customs clearances
  • We adhere to the international rules and regulations for both air and sea transportation
The work with Yourbarfactory was very uncomplicated. We worked together as equals and they found solutions for our special demands. They helped us to finalize the recipe and the packaging.
Alex, Product development at Bear Protein, Germany

Our company has been working with Yourbarfactory for the past 3 years and we couldn’t be more pleased.  Yourbarfactory’s team is detail oriented, communicative and transparent. They are extremely knowledgeable about the bar business.  Our Company / Vendor relationship is truly a partnership. Quality is never compromised. If you choose Yourbarfactory, you will not be disappointed!

Sales Support Director, United States

Our partnership with Yourbarfactory has been nothing short of amazing.  The company’s capabilities and innovativeness allows for endless product possibilities.  The team is very reliable.  Yourbarfactory has been able to provide a solution to our company’s needs through the flexibility and precision of their business operations.

Assistant Merchandiser, South Korea

If your company is located in the European Union, the importation of your private label bars is duty-free thanks to the Comprehensive Economics and Trade Agreement (CETA) signed between the European Union and Canada.

Whether you are in Europe, Asia, Africa or America, we will be your reliable partner to create your private label bar.

Creation process

An efficient R&D support

Our R&D team will work with you to create the allergen-free bar that will completely meet your specifications document:

  • Type of bars (protein bars, energy bars, cereal bars…)
  • Ingredients
  • Texture (crunchy bar, chewy bar…)
  • Weight (22g, 30g, 45g, 60g…)
  • Claims (organic, GMO-free, vegan, kosher…)

Our experienced and enthusiastic food scientists are always on the lookout for new ingredients and emerging trends, giving you an undeniable competitive advantage on the private label bar market.

Our goal is to provide you with customized, unique and tasty bars, prepared with high-quality ingredients.

Our co-creation process is the result of 15 years of experience. We follow  these important steps:

  • Specifications sheet definition
  • Preliminary study
  • Feasability study
  • Formulation and samples
  • Preparation and startup procedures
  • Product launch
  • Actual Manufacturing of your bars in our facility

A modern bar manufacturing facility

Yourbarfactory, manufacturer and co-packer of private label bars, has a modern and efficient manufacturing layout.

No matter the size and the complexity of your project, we have the necessary equipment to manufacture the bar you want to sell.

Our 40,000 square feet factory can produce 150 million bars per year.

Our 2 production lines and our 5 packaging lines allow us to be responsive, flexible and achieve your manufacturing lead-times.

Quality is at the heart of our concerns

At Yourbarfactory, quality is our priority: our professional team and excellent manufacturing equipment guarantee you that we manufacture your products according to the highest standards in the food industry.

We respect quality standards that are internationally recognized: we have been Certified SQF level 2 for the past 8 years.

In order to guarantee the taste quality and the absence of allergens in your private label bar, our quality experts control each stage of the manufacturing process, from the reception of the raw materials to the shipment of your finished goods.

A large choice of packaging for your private label bars

Whatever your packaging requirements are, we will recommend you the best solution for the inner wrappers and the packaging of your bars thanks to our national and international supplier network:

  • Foil inner wrappers, transparent wraps, printed wraps or clear wraps ….
  • Display boxes, trays, retail boxes, bulk…

If you desire, we can also manage directly with the selected printers.

Once these materials are purchased, we can actually store all your packaging requirements in our warehouse.

Compliance with applicable regulations

Our R&D team will write the nutritional statements for you, to ensure that your private label bars comply with the requirements of the regulation agency of your area.

Our regulatory affairs team make sure that the claims (nut-free, peanut-free, gluten-free, GMO-free…), the nutritional statements and the packaging design of your bars comply with the laws of your targeted market, whatever the country.

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