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We care about being transparent about the conception and production of our allergen free bars. The conception of our allergen-free bars, their continuous improvement and production are subject to many steps and a strict procedure to achieve an authentic and quality product.


Our factory is certified Peanut and Gluten free. These two certifications allow us to offer our products to a wide range of consumers, but also to adapt to new trends for people suffering from various allergies. We offer allergen-free bars that can cover the 12 main ones, depending on the customer’s needs.


These certifications and allegations impose a very strict procedure that we follow meticulously.


All of our team members are well aware of the importance of the precaution to be taken when mixing the ingredients. Each new team member is subject to mandatory training on allergens to avoid any contamination. In the plant, all ingredients jars are marked with different colors to emphasize the team members cautionary measures. For example, bins containing allergens are marked with the orange color, and each utensil that will come into contact with that ingredient will be marked with that color so that it will not be used for another type of ingredients.


Also, before each production, all the ingredients in the recipe of an allergen-free bar are integrated into our tracability software, which allows us to ensure the composition and quality of a product. This makes it easy to know the ingredients that make up a product, their origin and destination. This software also makes it possible to act quickly in the event of nonconformity on a product or an ingredient.


The production process starts in the kitchen, where all the ingredients of the recipe are mixed and blended and then accompanied by numerous tests for consistency and texture of the dough. These tests ensure that everything matches the nutritional information of the product.


The dough is then flattened and fillings such as chocolate chips are added. Once the bar dough is ready to be cut into individual portions, team members will take samples of the dough to re-check weight and consistency.


Finally, the bar dough is cut and then submitted to the metal detector to check that the product complies with the health charter for food products before being packaged and tinned.


Finally, they are individually wrapped, boxed and stored in the warehouse.


The production of our allergen-free bars is a complex process subject to many rules that we follow in order to offer you a unique and high quality product!