Our company

Allergen-free bar manufacturer

Expert in allergen-free products, we offer a wide range of bars:

Our peanut /nut-free facility currently has a production capacity of 150 million bars/year. All our bars are also gluten Free Certified.

Yourbarfactory exports it cereal, protein and energy bars worldwide (Unites States, Chile, Korea, Switzerland…) and we are expanding internationally at a rapid pace. No matter where you are located, we would be pleased to create and manufacture your private label bars.

At Yourbarfactory, multiculturalism is in our DNA: our 70 employees come from 20 different countries. 

Our history

Created in 2001 under the name of Rapid Snack Inc., the company was then specializing in manufacturing marshmallow squares.

In 2005, the manufacturing of allergen-free products became our priority in order to respond to the high increase in food allergies. The factory became peanut-free and nut-free and also became kosher certified.

In 2007, Rapid Snack Inc. diversified its products by offering customized cereal and fruit bars for private label.

In 2010, Rapid Snack Inc. became Yourbarfactory in order to better represent the evolution of our business: the creation and manufacturing of private label customized bars.

Today, Yourbarfactory continues to grow with a new facility under construction which will allow us to double our production capacity by 2020.

Our prizes and awards

Since our creation, we have received numerous prizes and distinctions which testify our achievements and our innovative capacity:

  • Nominated for the M.A.D.E. Awards in Paris in 2018
  • Selection prize innovation at SIAL Toronto in 2017
  • PME prize by Banque Nationale in 2013
  • 1st prize innovation Award at SIAL Toronto in 2011
  • Ranked in the TOP-100 fastest growing company in Canada by Profit Magazine in 2007 and 2010
Our core values

The development of Yourbarfactory, expert in allergen-free bars for private label and co-packing, is based on 5 core values:

  • Professionalism: we provide our customers with our expertise and our skills to create their customized bar
  • Commitment: our employees’ involvement allows us to work efficiently and to fulfill our commitments
  • Respect: respect is the basis of all our relationships whether it is with our customers, our suppliers or our employees
  • Flexibility: we adapt to our customers’ needs in order to provide them with customized private label bars of high quality to meet their complete satisfaction
  • Innovation: we are always on the lookout for emerging trends and new ingredients in order to propose innovative products

These 5 values combined with our innovative HR policy promoting happiness at work (continuous training, French classes, social activities, fitness room…) allow us to create an harmonious working environment in which everyone can develop their respective talents.

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