Our team

yourbarfactory is a dynamic company (boasting average growth of 35% per year since it was founded) and, is constantly on the look-out for new talent.
Our Health & Happiness team offers a wide range of activities :
- Continuing education
- French courses
- Furthering ideas and dreams
- Social club activities
- Fitness room
- And more

Happiness at work is one of our central concerns. This allows all our team members to flourish through their responsibilities and to develop their potential.

emploi Chateauguay

Our 135 member team represents 38 different nationalities

Cultural diversity is part of who we are, and we prize open-mindedness and respect. Multiculturalism within our team is an opportunity to celebrate different backgrounds and to learn about each other’s traditions. It is a real privilege. This is one of yourbarfactory’s greatest assets.

Highly respected values.


Our customers draw on our expertise and skills to create their custom bars.


yourbarfactory's team members are "all in". This allows us to work efficiently and to honour our commiments.


Respect is the building block of all our relationships, whether with our customers and suppliers or between team members.


We adapt to our customers' needs with a view to providinge them with high-quality private-label custom bars and bringing them total satisfaction.


We are constantly on the look-out for new market trends and looking for new ingredients for our innovative products.


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