Yourbarfactory masters a new technology for the production of chocolate coated bars

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Yourbarfactory now masters the latest chocolate technology with its new equipment and its tray tempering machine. Custom made bars with quality chocolates for your fully covered or semi-coated creations.

A growing demand for chocolate bars

The pandemic hit the snack market hard. But since the pandemic has stabilized, demand is once again growing with requests for more and more quality snacks.

Expanding demand for chocolate bars in Europe

It has been more than a year now that Yourbarfactory has developed in Europe and is now responding to the demand of large companies and entrepreneurs on this continent.

In the constant evolution towards an increasingly qualitative value proposition, Yourbarfactory had to be able to meet the demand for quality chocolate bars, i.e., melting while remaining crunchy and meeting various challenges such as adapting to the packaging while keeping the chocolate bar intact.

Yourbarfactory acquires a plate tempering machine and many new equipments

Yourbarfactory is equipped with a tempering machine with a tray that has many configurations as well as total control over the process of crystallization temperatures of the chocolate to have a product of impeccable quality.

From now on, our chocolate tempering machine will allow us to ensure optimal melting of the chocolate while respecting the crystallization curve.

We will have the possibility to realize your coatings easily and to have a product with high organoleptic qualities.  Finally, this tempering machine will ensure the optimal crunchiness and melting of the chocolate.

The technology of our plate tempering machine

Such a tempering machine is a highly developed heat exchanger, which is nowadays equipped with computer aided control equipment and a temperature control system.

What will we use our tray tempering machine to make our chocolate bars?

The art of tempering is to form a stable crystalline structure in the cocoa butter of chocolate. The purpose of tempering is to provide a chocolate structure that gives it a beautiful appearance, shine and a melting point that allows it to be handled without melting but so that the chocolate can melt in the mouth.

Adding shine to the chocolate bar

Once set, the chocolate will look aesthetically perfect as the chocolate crystals will have been carried through the process.

Simple adaptation to the packaging

In case of breakage of the bar, the chocolate will crumble much less easily and will provide a simple breakage of the chocolate. When tasting the product, will have an optimal mouthfeel with a clean break.

Accelerate the solidification of chocolate in the cooling process

The chocolate tempering machine will save us time because we know that the quality of the product will be stable and repeatable.


If you want to know more about the production of chocolate bars, do not hesitate to write us using our contact form.